Tuesday, 10 May 2011


I am buying a house.


Well actually I am buying a half of a quarter of a flat, but apparently you still have to fill out just as many forms, talk to just as many 'professionals' and spend just as much time listening to Greensleaves whilst on hold.

But it's looking like we might be finally moving in. Which excites/terrifies me rather a lot.

It also means that in between my job, this little lot and trying to pack, my time here is pretty much non existent.

Which is REALLY annoying because I haven't even told you about my Royal wedding antics.

Or what happened when I tried to write a will.

And that I'm going on my first proper boyfriend holiday with my shiny new one.

Or even about my new completelystupidcan'tbelieveIsuggestedit plan to give up *sob* booze for a whole month.

But I will.

1 comment:

  1. Did all those papers scare you? ;) It’s normal to feel worn out, given that you were buying only a small place. All the same, I know you understand that this has to go through the same legal process as with buying a 2-storey house. The papers, which terrorized you at first, will be your saving grace in case some conflict arises in the future. How’s everything been doing? ;)