Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Maid of (dis)honour

So my best friend is getting married in September. And because she is sweet and loyal and bound by the ties of foetal friendship (25 years and counting), she made me a Maid of Honour.

But because she is also sensible, not mad and has known me for 25 years, she has also appointed two of our other best friends to the same position. Three little maids are we.

The fact we all get on swimmingly and that I am not a beautiful American type person living with Matt Lucas are the only differences I have spotted between my life and this fictional film.*

I still can't believe someone I know is ready to get married. And she is ready. Blissfully happy, perfectly settled and just, well ready.

I still make nervous jokes when anything wedding related comes on the telly and a man is in the room. Even when it's my dad.

*admittedly I only watched the trailer once.

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