Thursday, 26 May 2011

A lot in a box

It's raining outside and work is, well hard work. My life is in boxes and I ran out of clean clothes about a week ago.

But then this little bit of green popped up on screen and suddenly I am feeling MUCH perkier.

Allotinabox has everything you need to grow your very own veg patch INSIDE. (At least, I hope it is - I just ordered one and the only outside space I have is near some scary bins).

Which is marvelous for people like me who already live in a box.

They come complete with a selection of British Seeds and everything you need to grow them, along with this here blog that is full of tips and info.

To be honest I'm more excited by the unbelievably lovely packaging and design of the site (which was how I found them). But that might to do with the fact the last plant I tried to keep alive was taken off me by a concerned relative. Apparently you can love (read - water) something too much?

Happy Thursday folks.


  1. The packagining is pretty lovely - good luck with your indoow gorwing experiment!

  2. I want those green shoes AND those polka stockings. Style squared.