Thursday, 17 October 2013

Modern girls.

The modern girl’s manual.

1. Claim your successes, however small. They are your reward and others will be quick to take them.

2. Dreams stay just that. Make them realities and live in them.

3. The Shine you can buy and dress up in will fade and tarnish. The real stuff comes from inside and can’t be dimmed. Be happy and kind and people will stay close in order to feel happy too.

4. Love your body. Put your hands on your tummy and remember the whole universe turns in there. 

5. Remember nobody looks stupid when they’re having fun*.

6. No fairy tale ever ended “they lived averagely ever after”. This is your story, make it a page turner. 

7. Don’t compare yourself to others. It’s like filming your favourite band in concert. You’ll only see half the picture and you’ll miss all the best bits.

8. Love abundantly, laugh inelegantly, travel extensively and remember, don’t be the kid that gets stuck at the top of the slide. If in doubt say yes and figure it out afterwards.

9. Courage is contagious. Be a little bit brave, every day. 

{Written by me, on being asked to write a grownup girl guide manual for the 21st century woman. Sure.}

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