Friday, 15 March 2013

Wilton's Music Hall

Last night I finally made it to Wilton's Music Hall, to watch a stage version of The Great Gatsby. To be honest the play was a little hit and miss, but the venue more than made up for it.

Hidden down a very unassuming alley about 10 minutes walk from Tower Hill*, it's the oldest music hall in Europe and very atmospheric with it.

They've just finished renovating the main hall and it is spine-tingling good. Plus you can have a drink in the beautiful Mahogany Bar, which has been a watering hole since 1725. Famous amongst sailors, it was claimed that most had not heard of St Pauls, but all knew exactly how to find their way to the ornate Mahogany bar.

Today they serve really tasty food and a seriously nice glass of red, so well worth a poke around even if you don't fancy a show.

Apparently you can also rent the whole place for private hire too....

*Speaking of which, does that view (Tower of London, Shard, the river..) EVER not look awesome?

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